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BR Dressage Stirrup Titanio, 5cm Wide

BR Equestrian



These stylish stirrups feature an anatomical design and are made of a combination of aluminium and titanium. The stirrups are very strong, durable and lighweight due to the combination of materials. The material is biocompatible and anti-allergenic, as a result of which irritation of the horse's skin is prevented. The stirrups are very safe and provide stability and optimal support to the rider. This slender model is especially suitable for dressage riders. The tread (5 cm wide) is made of titanium and rubber and provides excellent grip. The weight is distributed over the entire surface of the tread to ensure a good balance. The ergonomic design provides good support and the least possible strain on the ankles and it stimulates the preservation of the correct positioning of the foot. The anatomical design ensures that the foot is quickly freed from the stirrup during a fall, as a result of which the risk of possible injuries is limited. The combination of design and optimal weight secures a stable stirrup position if the foot accidentally slides off the stirrup. As a result, the rider can quickly get his foot back in the stirrup.